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banker, stock broker, electrician, business systems analyst, junior business analyst, security engineer, commissioning engineer, ship builder, senior accountant, warehouse supervisor, logistics coordinator, investment banking analyst, nurse, doctor, driver, payroll clerk, assistant controller, mechanical technician, hr administrator, outreach worker, hr officer, accounts payable clerk, actuarial analyst, treasury analyst, product marketing manager, plumber, banker, welder, full charge bookkeeper, senior account manager, qa analyst, hr coordinator, compliance analyst, mailroom clerk, loss prevention manager, accounts receivable clerk, senior financial analyst, residential counselor, store assistant, desktop support engineer, junior programmer, assistant quantity surveyor, senior sales, restaurant supervisor, warranty administrator, clinical data coordinator, senior auditor.

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Corona, California

Corona Companies

Corona Careers

Among the most common occupations in Corona are Management, professional, and related occupations, 30%. Sales and office occupations, 26%. and Production, transportation, and material moving occupations, 14%. Approximately 75 percent of workers in Corona, California work for companies, 13 percent work for the government and 5 percent are self-employed.

Popular Corona Jobs

Currently, the most commonly listed Corona Jobs are for general dentist jobs, front desk jobs, sales associate jobs, r.n. ii jobs, dental assistant jobs and cashier jobs.

Corona Industries

The leading industries in Corona, California are Manufacturing, 16%; Educational services, and health care, and social assistance, 14%; and Retail trade, 11%. Simply Hired’s Corona job listings indicate that the following industries in Corona are hiring the most workers: Computer Storage Device Mfg, Computer Equipment Mfg, Computer Makers, Misc Store Retailers and Clinics & Outpatient Services.

Corona Job Salaries

According to government data, the average salary for jobs in Corona, California is $42,910, and the median income of households in Corona was $68,049.

corona jobs salary

Corona Unemployment Rate

Corona has an unemployment rate of 6.6%, compared the national average of 6.9%.
According to our Corona Trends data, the number of Corona, California jobs has decreased by 2% since February 2009.
Corona job trends

Create a List of “Warm” LOCAL Contacts.

Usually when you are looking for a job, you would ask for help from family and friends. You would contact these people to ask for information on current job openings, business opportunities and tips.

Your family, relatives and friends belong to your warm contact list. The warm contact list is the list of people with whom you have or had some personal association. A former classmate, officemate or neighbor may belong to your warm contact list.

Who may be included in your warm contact list? Here are a some ideas.

* Relatives and Friends

These people are always willing to help you in your job search or business venture. They will be able to provide you information if they have some, or refer you to trustworthy people who will be able to help you. If they will introduce you to some of their contacts, they can surely provide honest information to you regarding the person you are going to associate with.

* Members of the church, political party, social club or fraternity or sorority

You probably did not expect it, but people who share the same faith, beliefs or hobbies may also help you with finding a job. You may have a different career from theirs, but they might know somebody who is in the same field or will be able to help you in your career.

However, depending on your level of association with them, they may think twice about giving their opinion or thoughts about their contacts. Their opinion can sometimes help you in making a strategy on how to approach and ask for help from their contacts.

* People who sell you things

You may think that your relationship with these people is purely based on trading goods and services, then paying for them. However, people who sell you things are also sources of information when networking.

Since these people sell their goods to different types of persons, they may have associated with somebody who belongs to the same field as you do, or have heard information about your target job from their other clients.

These people will also be happy to help you, since they know that maintaining a pleasant relationship with you means a stable business. Also, if you have a good job means you have increased your purchasing power, and then it could also mean that you may purchase more from them.

* Former employers, colleagues or co-workers

Maintaining a good relationship with previous employers and colleagues has more benefits than you can imagine. This is the reason that most people try their best to iron out any difficulties with their previous employers even if they are no longer associated with the company. Aside from the possibility that your potential employer will call previous employers when they review your job history, former employers and colleagues are also a good source of information related to that field.

When you ask for help from family and friends, there is the possibility that the information that they can give to you is just from another source. They may not be able to give you first-hand information or detailed information unless they also work in the same field that you came from or would like to go into.

This is very different when you consult former employers and colleagues from the same sector. They will be able to provide you with valuable information and may be able to clarify such information and answer your questions.

* Members of your professional organization

If you belong to a professional organization related to the field in which you are looking for a job, you can consult the organization for current posting from the members. If you don’t belong to any, consider joining one since this will be beneficial to you career growth.

A professional organization can provide you unbiased information on current job openings from its members. The organization can also give you details on the company profile and even on current market and career trends.

These are the most important people that you should include when creating a list of your warm contacts. It is better if you contact them all so you can have as many options in your job search.

When you talk to them, tell them that you are actively seeking a job.

Now where will we Look?

Other towns and cities where you may want to look are Garden Grove and Lowell and of course don’t forget Olathe and not forgetting Sterling Heights finally how about the City of Miramar,France Wellington in the New Zealand or Westminster, London in the United Kingdom.

Other cities with possible job vacancies.

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